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The Most Popular Types Of Toys For Dog To Buy In 2020

Dog market is full of surprises. There are so many options and items for dogs on the market, from simple food to high tech devices. Well, the most popular search on Google regarding to dog items is “dog toys”. “Eurika!” – you said and check the first article… I bet you never realized there are so many different dog toys out there, don’t you? Yup, and event more items in front of your eyes. In this article, we will consider and show you the most popular types of toys. We sorted 5 the most common ones:

  • Interactive or Smart
  • Moving
  • Chewy
  • Treat dispensing
  • Puzzles

Here you go.

Interactive or Smart Dog Toys

Interactive dog toys were made to increase the IQ of you dog. At the same time, interactive dog toys can be divided into these groups:

  • slow feeders
  • talking ones
  • tugs
  • floating
  • and puzzles. but puzzles got separate category in our list

Interactive dog toys is the best solution when your dog suffers from loneliness or just bored. They were designed in the smart way so your dog may play with them for a quite long time… the toy interacts with them!

you don't say

There are bunch of IQ toys on the market for a pretty reasonable price, e.g. this website published bunch of options under $30, so feel free to browse and go get one for your pup.

Moving Toys

Moving toys are the one, that can be automatically activated or your dog is able to move them manually. Well, we live in 2020 so the majority of people would prefer automatically activated moving toys like several smart bones or balls. If you are a lazy dog owner, that could be a good option for you.

Chewy Toys

Chewy dog toys are necessary to buy for every dog owner. As a matter of fact, dogs are chewing everything, but they will enjoy a chewy toy the way more, because of the material. What would you prefer for your dog to chew, wire to specifically designed chewy toy?

Also, chewy toys are necessary to get, so you dog will avoid a common dental problems.

Some if the chewy dog are also have a treat dispensing feature, so let’s skip to the next category.

Treat Dispensing Toys

There are bunch of intaractive and chewy dog toys with that feature. There are actually even treat-dispensing cameras! Welcome to 2020. The best part about these toy as they train your dog mentally and physically. You dog know if he or she is doing everything right you will get the reward.

Puzzle Toys

Finally, puzzle toys. It is advanced interactive toys for dog specially to improve dog’s intellect. The famous dog puzzle designer¬†Nina Otosson has designed multiple toys with a different level of difficulty.

We hope we cleared all the dog toys up for you and now you have a better understanding what you want to buy for your dog!