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Moving With Your Dog

Last year mom and dad said that they were selling the farm and that we were moving to Arkansas. Well, we did not do either! We did rent the farm to Princess, The Poodle, and her family. Then we moved to Chino Valley Arizona! Here are some of my tips on moving with a dog…now that I am an expert. When mom and dad put the farm up for sale, some of my favorite broken dirty toys disappeared. If that was not bad enough mom was not happy when I dug under the trees, the vacuum was always out, and strange people came to see us. These strange people only seem to want to talk to mom and dad — they did not come to play with Norman and me! I even had to get a bath because mom said I was shedding too much!

They said that we needed to sell the farm because we need more room for toys. Our new farm does have more room for toys. But, more importantly it has more room for Norman and me to run — TWO whole acres!

Back to moving…if you have to move, make sure you plan for your dog’s move too! It is a good idea to have some of your dog’s old toys at the new house, and some fun new entertaining toys too. Mom packed up our favorite “gorilla girl” (the one we love to hump, especially when company comes), it was waiting for us at our new house. We found lots of our old favorite toys at our new house — we spent hours sniffing and play with these new-old toys. Mom made sure that we had on new tags, BEFORE we left our old house. The new tags had her cell phone number and our new address, & phone number. She also made sure our Vet had our new address and phone number, and she up dated our microchip records. If we had moved a long way (our new house is just two hours from our old house) mom would have mapped our journey so that we could stop at dog parks, and dog friendly hotels.

When moving day came, we had to stay in the garden for a while while big trucks and people came to our house. Then dad packed us up…including Maude, the Office Cat, and took us to our new house. This way the trucks and all of those people did, hurt us or let us out — and mom knew that we were safe at our new house! I just wished that Maude the NOISY cat had spent the day with mom and drove up with her. Boy can Made talk!

I almost forgot the most important thing! If you move, make sure you send us your new address!