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Made in the USA Dog Toys

Several of our customers are worried about toys made in China. Most of these concerned parents contacted us after finding that all of the toys in their dog toy box are made in China. There are very few American made dog toys on the market today; however, I believe that will be changing during 2008.

The lead paint on children’s toys raised several questions about how safe Chinese made dog toys are. The problem with children’s toys was paint…fabric toys are dyed and not painted. Therefore, we believe that our dog toys are lead free and safe for your dog. We even check with our manufactures of latex toys — their toys have been tested and are lead free.

We currently carry several toy lines that are made in the USA. Jolly Pet Dog Toys, the makers of Jolly Balls, are produced in Ohio. West Paws produces pet toys in Montana — we carry their toys that are made in America from fabric made in America. Planet Dog, the makers of Orbee toys now produces all of their non-stuffed balls, tugs, and treat holders in Maine. We still have a few of their items that were produced in the Dominican Republic; however, the next shipment will all be produced in the USA. Ruff Dawg produces their rubber toys in the USA. They have intovative and different rubber toys than Kong — the super tug is super fun.

You may have heard that the Chinese polyester filling is somehow tainted — I think that this is one of those urban myths because I can find not any references about it. HOWEVER, no dog should consume polyester filling! If you are worried about the polyester filling we have toys that are filled with organic cotton, in fact they are 100% organic cotton. These organic toys are produced in China with organic cotton fabric, organic vegetable dyes, and organic cotton stuffing. We have more of these Organic toys on order.

If you are concerned about your dog’s treats — we also have dog treats that are made in the USA and Canada. (See these treats.) Durango Chiplets treats and TOTS Training Dog Treats are manufactured by the Kong company in Southern California. Grandma Lucy’s dog treats are manufactured in Canada — they are organic AND Kosher!

I ran across this article about lead and other contaminants in dog toys. A concerned dog mom had 24 dog toys tested, with interesting results — For Pet Owners, Too, Toys a Reason for Concern

Most dog toy manufacturers also manufacturer children toys; they assure me that they make sure their toys are safe for babies as well as our pets. I know that Chinese manufacturing has everyone scared; however, I promise you I will never sell toys that I do not let my Betsy and Norman play with! And you know how precious they are to me.