Dog Costumes

Dog Costume Measuring

Finding the perfect dog costume in the perfect size for your dog can be challenging. In addition, postage can add up in you need to exchange a costume because you got the wrong size.

There are several important measurements that you need before you select a dog costume. First, is your dog’s neck measurement — this is the distance around your dog’s neck at the widest part of its neck. Second, is your dog’s girth — this is the distance around your dog’s chest at the widest point. Third, is your dog’s body length — this is the measurement from your dog’s neck to their tail. For costumes that cover the front of your dog, the chin to floor measurement is most important. When you take this measurement, make sure your dog is standing up and looking straight ahead. For costumes with legs, you will want to take your dog’s inside leg seam measurement.

If your dog has short legs, front costumes will not work for them. Front costumes are dog costumes that hang down the front of your dog. If you have a furry dog make sure you allow room for all of that fur under the costume for your dog. If your dog hates clothes, like Betsy, you might want to try a simple costume with a cape and a hat such as the Lil’ Devil Dog Costume.

We want you to have a perfect fitting costume for your dog the first time you order their costume. So…watch our video and print our Dog Costume Measuring Kit so that your dog win the dog costume contest!

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